My Mom is driving me nuts. I have to raise my voice because she doesn't hear me or she repeats herself and is a backseat driver that nags and nags in the freaking front seat goes on about religion God this god that my Step Dad is not helping he is forgetting won't go to the doctor. Today I took my Mom to the Doctors the whole time she was telling me how to drive I was so stressed I told her your husband can drive you next time I was rude and very little patience Now I feel super guilty and ashamed like I am A no good not person or daughter.

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Sounds like you need some time away from your caregiving. It gets frustrating being responsible for another adult, especially a parent. Any possibility of getting some help so you can even just have a few hours to yourself during the week? A nice long weekend away would do you a world of good.

I think sometimes it is just the sameness day to day. The same routine, the same questions, the same answers and the same stories over and over. Add to that the parent that still parents long after it is needed. My Mother would always start a complaint with "well you know I did it this way for a long time". She wanted everything done her way no matter what. I would tell her that at my age I have done things my way a long time as well and we would both laugh....but her way was always best.

Just do the best to take care of yourself. Come here and yell as much as you want; keeping it all inside is the worse thing you can do.

Thank you fligirl but today in the car when she was telling me how to drive and I told her stop being a back seat driver and we were arguing about where to get the stupid newspaper etc.... she got all mad then after I tried to hold her hand then she push my hands off. I was so hurt!

Overwhelm I can and have said the same thing on here. I am not mad at mom, I am mad at the disease and have been told that this is
Normal because we are just human beings trying to deal with Alz 24/7 and can be unbearable. We just have to try and remember we are not doing this to be mean we are just frustrated. Lots of hugs to you

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