Feeling depressed, so much still to do.


Mom died April 7. And there is still so much to do. And I've done so much already .Added to that I might have to foreclose on a commercial property and I have to provide the lawyer with things to do with that. Plus live my own life. I'm happy she died. But just too much stuff to do and too much uncertainty.

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I'm going to take a totally different approach. Barbara, I don't know if you've worked or had a career, but the tasks you're facing are similar to those of professionals managing projects, especially large ones.

There are different kinds of charts, flow charts, decision trees, and more that can be created, and they can be complex or simple. What might help you is to create a very simple yet detailed one.

On one of my jobs, I learned about critical path networks, and still use some of the principles occasionally. I've found it very helpful, especially with my thoughts are colliding like holiday shoppers rushing if not trampling each other to get bargains at stores.

You're overwhelmed, understandably. Have you outlined what you have to do, by issue, listed the goals, made a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished? To have a work breakdown structure that you can see, check off on completion of the various items, is really, really helpful to keep things in perspective.

Not everything has to be done now, even though it does seem as though there are so many tasks they're overwhelming.

You mentioned getting information for your attorney in the event foreclosure becomes necessary on a commercial property. If you think a list of tasks would help you, post back and I'll create one. I've worked on commercial foreclosures and would be glad to help on this one task if it will give you an idea how to approach the multitude of projects that are overwhelming you.

Hadnuff, maybe it isn't depression... maybe it is just plain and simple exhaustion with some resentment thrown in.

Don't you love it how our parent(s) didn't prepare for this later in life event, thus never thought of doing a 5-year plan of the "what ifs". Like if such and such happens, we will do this or that.

For my parents [mid to late 90's] I wished they would have moved from their home years ago, they should have been doing the downsizing, not me. They should have sold that house, not me... even thought I have had mega years dealing with real estate, it is so different when it is one's parents house because I have to empty the contents. They should have fixed the broken things in the house, not me. I am too old for this !! It's not fun.

Yes, I'd ask the doctor for advice.

I'd also ask the attorney to give you a list of things he needs. Ask if you need help. Often the attorneys can handle things. Let them handle things that are difficult or that overwhelm you. Don't have unrealistic expectations and know that eventually, things will be complete.

You may need a temporary prescription from your doctor for your depression. I would think that your depression is situational and that is normal, but if it is keeping you from getting things done, then there is no shame in taking some meds for it to get you through.

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