My father wears my off most of the time if not All the time. I feel like i can't anymore! He takes me for granted all the time and lies too Dad has no control lately with watching young women and plans without even knowing if they like him too or if they are real. There are alot of scammers out there and old people happens to be their targets. Dad has been sending money to supposedly 24 yr old girl who promise him love and marriage from another country. Mind you..i investigated and behind all of this is a master mind woman who is around her late 40s posting pictures of when she was young and her niece . Also my dad has told everyone I'm jealous of his long distance relationship and I am a tough person to live with and wants his own place. He is no conditions economically and definitely physically to be alone. Dad has progressive MS , diabetes and All of the above. He hides things from that are critical and ends up in the hospital with his foot about to be cut off from hiding an infection almost eating up half of his heel. Now he is recovering and we have to choose a rehab so he can completely recover and heal by receiving physical therapy and other treatments. He thinks its a hotel stay and driving me crazy trying to find a 5 star hotel rehabilitation. I told him this is not a vacation. The worse thing every professional staff is listening to him and im trying to explain this man is not in his right mind to make decisions on his own. I feel lonely, exhausted, burn out and exempt from living my life. I'm still young and a single mother. I need Help !!!

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The easiest thing for you to do at this point is to move him into a rehab. When the rehab wants to discharge him...make sure they know he cannot come back to your house. He need far more care than you can give. He needs to have care in a memory care unit. They will make sure he gets the care he needs, that he cannot hide his conditions, and his "girlfriend" gets no more money.

Just don't let them talk you into taking him back. Then they have to deal with finding a place for him.

Your father did have his foot amputated, or they caught the ulcer in time? I realise it's not the key point, but it does make a difference, maybe.

You could tartly point out to your father that he's pretty lucky that his internet sweetheart was female at all, and not a bloke in Nigeria raising funds for boko haram. Or, if you know a geeky teenager, ask him or her to set your father up and prove to him how easy it is to pretend online that you're a nubile ingenue with a soft spot for elderly gentlemen (eeuw).

But you know what, what this comes down to is whether your father is considered to be of sound mind, in which case he is his own problem; or not, in which case you need to formalise your authority to act on his behalf. From what you say about the staff listening to him, it sounds as though he still has full autonomy, yes? The upside of that is that if he won't listen to you he can't blame you for his problems (and you mustn't blame you, either).

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