Work via agency. Client is amputee w/MRSA, cancer & additionally I take care of her Brother whom is 99% blind. Extended family moved in this summer. When I am not driving Client 70miles to the doctor, along with guiding her Brother through the Hospital I am at their house providing hands-on care. My problem is, while doing housekeeping chores the Brother and other family members demand I work diligently cleaning. I am a good worker but, I feel they're getting an excellent rate of $16 per hour for a glorified housekeeper! Not counting the hands-on care! My pay rate is $11 and the Company receives $5. I've been doing the Clients kids laundry as well, all 3 extra people. My main complaint is lifting the heavy wheelchair into the car for the 2-3trips to Hospital and Doctors per week. I do not ever ask for much but have asked the Client if she could possibly order a lift. She refuses to do so. Also, she is very inconsiderate IE: coughing in my face, and spreading her legs when putting on her prosthetic. She is very incontinent. She is very intelligent but her son-in-law has even mentioned to me how she has no manners. Today my clients Brother told me the fill in for last week (when I was out sick) worked circles around me. Hurt my feelings because I work very hard, in fact this is the hardest gig since 1980!!! I want to ask my boss if he will try to find me another Client, but I do not want my Clients NOW to know until the time comes where I can get a different assignment. I guess I am also afraid I will get even more difficult Clients. I need advice. DO I ASK MY BOSS TO BE REASSIGNED,IF SO HOW? Signed, Burned-out!

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Ask for a reassignment. Lifting the heavy wheelchair in and out of the car is beyond your physical capabilities, and someone stronger should be assigned there.

(Lifting my husband's wheelchair in and out of the car about did me in. So I bought a transport chair. Some accommodation must be made to your abilities.)

You are getting paid to care for 2 people, not to be the maid for 5. Tell you agency what is going on.. about the laundry, etc. Is that and the house cleaning in your contract? If not they should look into that for you, and you should ask for a reassingment! Maybe the next on will be better, and not caring for 5 people!

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