I feel so alone caring for my mom with Dementia.


Plz could someone help me out little more having hard time excting that this is my mom when i need my mom to still be my mom isnt that silly for me to say and feel at 53 i feel so alone she is the last member of my immediate family now what i cannot believe if i still outlive her i will be sitting here without brother father and mother and growing up i was the one who was very sick for years i feel like now i put her in respite care for five days and instead of getting things done here i sit shaking my head not knowing or feel like doing anything with myself my imaginiation is going crazy i feel lost

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Your 125 word stream-of-consciousness post is obviously a cry out for help. The problem is that you don't want to move. It's understandable to be confused and take a moment to find your bearings, but you're frozen; a prisoner of your own thoughts. I guess your life has always been dictated a close-knit family, but you've pretty much run out of relatives and it's time to sharpen or develop social skills so you can re-integrate with the community at large. The only stumbling block is that first you need to find out who YOU are and what YOU want to do with the rest of your life.

You can't change yesterday, so what matters is what you do from now on.

Good luck my sister. Please don't hole up and fall off the map because our words might hurt your feelings somehow. We're telling you what you need to hear because we do care.

Like it or not, you're stuck with us. Welcome to the AgingCare family.

You can get sublingual B - it dissolves under your tongue. D is often available in a gel cap which can be pierced. I'm not talking about some mass produced multi vitamin. This is FAR more serious than some Centrum pill thing. You must be evaluated.

I agree with Ruth. You are depressed and do not seem to take heed of any advice many have given you on this site. Instead of starting innumerable threads and rephrasing your needs for attention, you need to go see a doctor. Good Luck.

ok i will stsrt taking vitamins but will chewables work hate taking pills

Dear lady - I've told you it is very important that you get your Vitamin D and B levels checked. You are Depressed. You can overcome this with feeding your body what it needs. Have your Doctor check your D levels, at LEAST. Get a good sublingual B supplement. Take CARE of yourself. When you finally have time, as you do now, to get things done and you just sit and shake your head and feel "lost" - you are deficient in some VITAL building blocks your body requires. You will get physically sick if you don't address that right away. I can't stress it enough. I know you responded with huge ????? about vitamins, but it's 100% true. There is no magic bullet. There are just smart steps we can take to re-build our depleted bodies. At least go online and research Vitamin D for Depression (ironic, eh?) and do some looking into nutritional therapy. Your mom will be cared for just fine on those 5 days per week, and it's time to invest in YOU. But you won't find that magic answer here - only people who have pushed past depression and gotten the help they require. I wish you life, and health, and happiness. I wish you WELL. You know that. I can help you - if you let me.

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