My mother approching 85yrs, whom is the lesser type diabetic, hypo glycemic, & fits the symtoms for stage 1 Alzheimer or/and dementia but I don't have any professional diagnosis & blind to the actual health history.

I read in another thread here the term "fear based dementia" and this fits, but I am unclear of what exactly dementia is. I have read some but I am ignorant to the facts and it seems dementia branches into many areas.

She is vunerable to financial issues including door knockers & the telephone scammers/junkmail & TV commercials. It is difficult to know the extent of this. It doesn't appear the integrity of her banking or credit has been breached. The routine bills have become confusing & I am currently setting up automated payments when possible.

My siblings and myself know & have tried to get her in to a senior community type apartment/condo situation but it is impossible to sell her current house without giving it away. Nobody is buying houses except low-ball bid realtors. The mortgage is $160K with a tax value of $294K, Nobody even looks with the price set at $240K. In 2006 the value was $312k

We need her in a single story dwelling I think a high rise apartment lease would be perfect at this point. Difficult with this house sale being a huge question with this damaged housing market. She insists on buying a town house and frequently wants me to drive her to see them I try to talk her out of and she doesn't understand the actual state of the current economy. My siblings and I can be in agreement a town house is a bad idea due to being multi- level and a poor choice of investment and doesn't understand association responsibilities.

There are other financial matters that she is making poor decisions on and when I try to correct her it becomes an argument, impossible to steer her in the correct direction.

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