The FDA due to the abuse of painkillers to put further restrictions on how and where painkillers are picked up. In my situation my mom cannot get out of the house and we have started on Visiting Physicians, she is on Fentynal Patches, which currently is a triplicate prescription and requires it each refill. Which is a pain in my ###. But I understand, it just seems like more and more the good people are paying for the bad people. Nobody is accountable for their own actions. More and More restrictions just make the bad become more creative and the good suffer. And sure I understand they are very addictive, but alcohol is also, so is food, so is alot of things just pretty sure the doctors could be become more responsible and Pharmacy without forcing the ones who need it to make additional trips to Dr. office. Let the people who profit from these drugs be held accountable and not the elderly or people who take them as prescribed.

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brilliant. heroin use is higher right now than meth was during its peak period. govt positions need to be filled with humans instead of rich, eggheaded attorneys.

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