My father's doctor suspects that he has dementia. The doctor wants to do a CT scan which my dad refuses. Not only does my dad show memory loss his behavior can be frightening. The most recent episode he becomes angry and starts yelling awful things to my mother. Example: "Your just waiting for me to die." When my mom called an ambulance for help he started yelling that he was going to kill her. My father is also diabetic and she thought at first that maybe it had to do with his diabetes. This behavior from my dad is totally uncharacteristic of him. Both my parents need help and support. I am trying to find resources for my mom so she doesn't feel so helpless and alone.

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we are also dealing with has had some close calls medically, this last time dad kept yelling to pull the vent out! (against advice of dr/kids) when we explained that at the time, there was a 15% chance that she would not resume breathing he points out the window and says

"she could walk outside tomorrow and get hit by a bus"

His paranoid delusions of medicare bilking the govt makes him refuse things he is SURE they are just suggesting to ruin the oxygen and blood pressure medication.

poor mom is just like edith, of "All in the Family" fame...yes, dear...whatever you think dear"

WHAT do yo DO? 96 him? MAKE him get the help he needs?

I am dealing with a very similiar situation involving my parents, except my mom is the one displaying angry and paranoid behavior. My dad is essentially her captive. She insists she is perfectly fine, but he has a personality disorder. She has a long list of delusions and worries and is constantly accusing my dad (and others) of things. I have asked for help from her MD, but am getting almost no response. My mom is miserable and so is my dad, and the situation is becoming increasingly socially isolating for them.

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