My mother has her own house and she is able to pay all her bills without help from anyone. And for this reason I have family members without jobs come to live in the house with nothing to contribute to the household. Not only are they there but they bring their girlfriends to live in her house free of charge. I am the primary caregiver for my mother. What should I do about this?

You say your mother has dementia and is hearing voices, etc. You say you are 100% responsible for everything for her. Do you monitor the bill-paying? If she is giving the free loading “house guests” money? If at any time she needs Medicaid, there will be a 5 year look back and she could be denied because of this. She is being taken advantage of and you are allowing it by not acting.

Do you have Power of Attorney? It may be too late to get it now if you don’t. At the least, if your mother is writing checks out, look them over before they’re mailed. If any checks are made out to the free loaders, rip them up. Make sure Mom has no large amounts of cash that she can give away. Change the locks on the doors. If Mom let’s someone move in, move them back out, onto the front lawn if necessary. If they protest, tell them you will call the authorities and report them for taking advantage of an impaired Senior Citizen.

If this is truly upsetting you, consider alternate placement for Mom. If she is hallucinating and going further along on her dementia journey, it may be time to consider this.

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