Family member and diaper problems, there is hope. Don't give up!


For 6 years, grandma has been tossing used diapers on the floor and under the bed, trying to flush them, washing them and hanging them on the towel rack, refusing to put on a fresh one and my personal favorite of ripping apart the absorbent pad and scattering it all over the room. 3 weeks ago she started putting on fresh ones all by herself. Previously I had to wait until she was on the toilet or commode and do it then. Then just today a miracle happened. I had let the stack of new diapers in her room run out, I plead lack of sleep due to having to take care of 3 elderly. She asked me if she could get a fresh diaper to put on. I was shocked. I quickly broke open a new pack of 14 and put it in her room. She grabbed one and put it on all by herself. She even said thank you. Which is a rare under any circumstance.

So I know it seems impossible at times. I've been there. But there is hope! 5 and half years to go for mom. She's seriously in the shredding and spreading phase right now.

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Sometimes you need to appeal to their sense of looking at it from your perspective. "Sorry, I really need you to do that for yourself because I am not able to because of my bad back.

Three? God bless you.

Yay! That’s great! Hoping this continues for you. A milestone!

Bless you for your patience! :)