I was the sole caregiver 6+ years for my 94 yr-old Grandmother who was prescribed Pradaxa in 2011, I began in 2009, she died in Feb 2014.

She was overdosed according to the ER Dr and there was no antidote. She was fine until this and it destroyed her life and mine, I only learned how badly mine was affected after her death.

She had weeks in the ICU and there on the next 2+ years of her life until her death which was due to strokes, chronic anemia, bleed events, etc..

My job became 24-7-365 and I required my girlfriend to assist me

It become an increasingly demanding and difficult job as her condition progressed, her needs increased and her ability to appreciate it diminished

As a result of my experience in this role I have discovered many undesirable aspects of living with and caring for someone with the health care system as it pertains to elderly patients in need of attentive care.

In addition, I've also have become aware of predatory practices of various institutions both private and governmental.

Invariably if an estate has sufficient funds to support a legal battle, one will be created by unscrupulous lawyers who ignore AB trusts with stale B trusts , who and intentionally disenfranchising B trust beneficiaries.

Tax men ingratiate themselves, by doing favors, flirting, setting themselves up to be the POA and then Trustee

all conflicts of interest and unethical, investment firms will not allow it however plenty of financial advisor, tax men and lawyers take advantage of situations where a wealthy elderly person makes a moment about the family and they use that to influence the elder to make codicils or do things to insure a big long probate battle insuring they

become beneficiaries of up to 1/3 of the $

Trusts have zero oversight, millions are stolen every day ! a

As a result of these experiences and my investigating I have countless examples of outsiders who either "exploit" your "predicament" with caring for a loved one shamefully outright ABANDON you.

Altogether, it was a very depressing ,from my own experiences and what I read, there is a lack of laws in place to protect caregivers from exploitation and from well-disguised trust hijacking predatory practices from certain professions, institutions and asstd authorities.

Beware the new caregiver who "loves" the elder, creates a we VS they attitude, does special favors, same thing for tax men, lawyers etc.

My Grandmothers delusions had her secretly cut me out via 7 secret codicils during her last year alive, tricking me into providing care knowing she breached the contract.

I only learned this after her death that I I was secretly impoverished and made an indentured servant and a vehicle to enrich everyone but myself.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su awarded $138,386 in back pay to a caregiver who worked 16-hour days in San Francisco for less than minimum wage, usually without a day off. The amount includes minimum wage and severance pay violations, liquidated damages and waiting time penalties.

Francisca Vasquez, a Salvadoran war refugee, was hired by siblings Magdalena Lindvall and Reynaldo Peña Jr. to work as a companion for their elderly parents for $400 a month.

Eventually Vasquez became a housekeeper and then round-the-clock caregiver to their mother for $500 a month.

Upon the mother's death, Vasquez was discharged.

Because Vasquez filed her claim two years into the three year statute of limitation for minimum wage claims, she could only collect wages on the last year she worked.

"This was an egregious case of worker abuse, where someone providing care was treated with an utter lack of care for her rights and for her humanity," said Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su.

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Can you help me 10 years 3 elders. Some time agency withheld pay while I was overwhelmed with work not getting tomecards im on time because the HOH didn’t see fit that I leave not to get fresh air taunting your not getting anything. And we didn’t need you to do what we need. Go to court to open wills for the beneficiaries all next generations out of state came but i was imprisoned to my post and was unrecognized. I don’t think any of them are going to Heaven. And the bankers who called the armed PLAIN clothes PO who stared at me with his hand touching his holster when they looked up my aunts info and the branch manager laughed in my face saying yes that’s it they gave it to someone else and I’m not losing my job for you. This was Citizens bank thieves. Don’t ever use their products. The thieving lawyers the orphans court oh well and the city to this day stealing everything we own down to the house I’m barely living in. Your not supposed to profit alive. The advice was give your house to the city or they’ll send vandals to make you have L@I fined to take your property. It’s a clever game. We figured it out. It’s better to have nothing. The State acts as though they are your parents or beneficiaries kids not us. Who do all the work. Get punched in the head by medicated parents who don’t know what they’re doing. Or we’re all slaves. I know one thing America will be the Hell and each country may have theres. Birth Certificate. A JOKE!!! Don’t you owe .60 they take 100,000 from you and say what’s in your basement. Did you vote??? American Duty. Not for this. I may as well be a covert foreign operative whatever they means. Can or did I do something bad to deserve this hellidh nightmare?

This is why we tell people here to get a caregiver contract..signed!!

if the parents cannot afford to pay you, then they need to be in a NH where they can get the care they need...and you can get/keep your full time job and take care of your future.

i always recommend caregivers that cannot live on their own to NOT move in with elderly parents expecting to have support long term. all too often it ends with the caregiver homeless and unemployed with no retirement.


What an insult to family caregivers who were victims of a breached caregiver contract they fulfilled to their detriment, to learn from the state they will do nothing to keep you from being abused however if you were not a citizen then you will get awarded $138,000 + for 1 year of 16 hour days and 6 day weeks.
24 hour days and 7 days per week are 1/3 more !

Incredibly we family caregivers have no state agency to award us anything. we are impoverished with no ability to get Social Security, Disability, Unemployment.

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