I apologize ahead of time for my confusion on my part. But does the Quality Payment Program include the Family Caregiver?
I capitalize the words because its the family whose caring for those family
members that were being taken care of the facilities, hospitals, etc.
There is so much dismay and lack of ACCOUNTABILITY that I could never trust anyone to care for my mother. So many elderly people have died and with no ounce of remorse when delivery information to the media.
This is MY MOTHER, not a friend or neighbor whom I would be upset and heartfelt for if something happened to them. But one should not have the same reaction when we speak of the person who brought you to the world. Now I can appreciate those who may differ in feelings due to past issues or self preservation reasons. And with all my respect you feel as you do. But for most our mothers mean everything to us.
So until the elderly facilities and such are held accountable for their actions and duties, I have no option than to care for my mother at home. It is UNSAFE to allow just anyone working to make sure her safety is always first priority.
As the nations have seen how difficult it is to care for people and at the same time be within an environment with so many preventatives. This is no easy task and a responsibility that has no room for mistakes or slacking off.
I want to give a shout out to all the professionals who assist with the families with their loved ones and also provide respite for the caregivers. No one seems to ever mention these HEROS.....why?
So please advise me who I should copy my concerns to and who does this responsibility to include Family Caregivers at this time the consideration they so deserve.
At this time caring for your family is not a personal choice. We do it to keep them safe and alive. All elderly should have the right to feel safe and loved. What else do they have or ask for?
With all my heart, I appreciate your time and consideration and hope my concern reaches the people who can really do something about this problem.

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No that program does not include paying family for caregiving done at home. It covers licensed nursing homes and comparable facilities (not private homes) and is very specific about what facilities it covers and what incentives are paid for which metrics. Medicaid will not pay for 24 hour caregivers at home in Texas, family or not. Your mother might qualify for help thru medicaid, but it won’t be full time or cover benefits for you unless you work for an agency. It’s also not a high paying wage. Call the area agency for aging in your county or your local chapter of United Way to see if they can help you get a needs assessment and see what she qualifies for. Note, Texas does not fund public assistance programs like Medicaid at high levels. It’s cheaper for the state to fund care in group settings like nursing homes for 24 hour assistance than individual homes.

First, from what I read the Quality Payment Program is for health providers. Its is not designed to pay Caregivers.

I understand your concerns. Sorry, have no idea who would address them to. This Virus has caused isolation for those in Nursing facilities. Elderly are the hardest hit. I feel everyone is trying to do what they think best with a Virus we know nothing about or how to cure. We have so much misinformation out there. No its not airborn to now it is airborn.

If your Mom qualifies, maybe you can get some help thru Medicaid in home. Check to see if you can be paid.

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