1- Don’t make your visits routine. Visit at various times of the day. Got an early start prior to work, can’t sleep or on the run--- pop in and visit even if it’s a short stay.
2- Wears Glasses? Are they on, accessible for reach and clean?
3- Wears Dentures? Are they in their mouth, removed at night for deep cleaning, gums/tongue cleansed? Own teeth, brushed? Properly Fitted?
4- Nails cleaned and trimmed? Or is there food and dirt embedded?
5- Fluids within reach, fresh, adaptable for drinking with straws and large handles?
6- Clean Shaven or 7 day shadow, including nose and ear hairs?
7- Call Cord within reach? Remember, that is their life line/means of communication.
8 - Adaptive Equipment in reach? Such as wheelchair, walker, cane, reachers? Remember, these are their legs and arms.
9- Diapers “Protective Garments”- Have then been changed or soiled?
10- Skin free from bruises, breakdown, irritation, wounds (old or new), dry (lotion applied), skin tears, rashes or finger indentations?
11- Sheets/Blankets clean? Remove blankets and turn pillows over!
12- Hair clean/brushed or matted in the back from lying in one position?
13- Confined to their bed? Are they turned, in proper alignment, supported with blankets/pillows?
14 - Clothing changed and clean? Or are they in the same outfit?
15- Odors?? Dirty clothing/undergarments, lack of showers, mouth hygiene?
16- Feet odors, washed and dried, free from fungus, cracks, untrimmed, foot drop from lack of support?
17- Under breasts, especially those well endowed, free from rash, yeast infection and odor?
18- Wheelchairs clean or is there dirt and food embedded? Are the foot rests/pegs in place or in the closet?
19- Personal Items in reach, such as phone, tissues, glasses and water?
20- Meals served warm or ice cold, cut up/prepared properly for eating or left at bedside?

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Thanks for your response. Only those who have experienced these concerns can really appreciate the concept. No, I don't have a cape yet!! lol

SafetyBunns I Love your name.. do you have a cape with a big SB!!! I read your profile what a great idea about the pants. A bit late but that gives me the idea ...I wish I had velcro pants when My Mom was wandering it would have taken her longer to get up. OMG I just remember an episode of the little rascles when spanky was baby sitting and he glued a baby to a couch pillow. Just kidding about the velcro pants, but you are right about slipping out of wheelchairs I saved a woman at the NH one day, her beeper didn't go off because her back was still close to the back of the chair but she was 1/2 way out of the chair, hanging there.

@Christina-- Glad to hear!! Seniors fail to ask for fluids and just need to be offered. Sad but true which can lead to urinary tract infections and dehydration.
@wuvsicecream- Those are the cherished moments you will never forget. I agree to choose your own battles and ask, Is it really worth it!! I wrote this list as a heads up to those who wonder what is really going on where their folks are residing. I am sure you have read the countless horror stories!! Nothing is ever etched in stone and each and every circumstance is unique in its own way. Blessings to you, the queen of PBJ!! lol
@jeannegibbs- Ditto to above. Yes it can be intended for those in an assisted living, depending on the level of care YOU or the resident is paying for! Such as the ADL's--activities of daily living or bathing assist. I have witnessed staff placing residents in the shower without washing and other stories! The list can also pertain to home health care being given in the home as well.
@sharynmarie- YES- oral hygiene should have been done, apart of ADL's. They would remove my dad's teeth and not replace, expecting him to eat!
Thanks to everyone and their comments. Keep them coming. I have practiced nursing for 35 years, have seen a lot and sometimes more then I would have liked.
At the present time I am moving along into 2 new careers of my life. It upsets me to see the "changes, cutbacks and lack of compassion" over the years.

When my father was in a snh, they did not take care of dental hygiene. From what I have seen many others post on this site, it seems to be consistent. Why, I don't know...maybe because it is not medical. Anyway my mom would go over in the evenings to remove dad's partial plate and floss, brush his teeth because his mouth would get sore from gingivitis if she didn't. Something to ask about when deciding to place a love one.

Maybe it should be obvious, but what is this a list for? Visiting a loved one in a skilled nursing facility? I assume not Assisted Living Facilities ... right? And probably not Dementia Care Units ... ?? If so, I agree with wuvsicecream that some of the items on the list just aren't that important when the resident has dementia.

SafetyBunns... I do agree on all of these check ups. If you are paying good money for care, all of these issues should be definitely a priority. Although sometimes there are some days "especially with Dementia/Az" when a good caregiver has to chose battles. For Example should a caregiver argue about glasses being clean or just happy that the glasses are still in the persons possession nor broken. They may be able to wait for a good time or better time to clean them.
I know personally, as I myself spent time caring for my Mom, I realized some days I was just happy that she ate and took her meds and didn't walk out the door.
Some days went smoothly others not so much. One day I went upstairs to simply put clothes away after laundry. In about 15 minutes my Mom managed to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of the whole kitchen, my boy friend walked in after his long day at work and saw it first, I was walking into the kitchen and he says "don't you watch what she's doing?" ""AS IF I "" didn't spend my every waking moment worrying about what she was doing, I needed 10 people to keep up with her needs!!!! Boy did I want to strangle him for saying that. I said to him Laughing...."I am just glad she found the peanut butter and jelly and the bread a spoon and was able to make a sandwich and that she's happy and eating her sandwich in peace." My kitchen looked like a pb&j bomb went off but Mom was so happy. She said "this is the best sandwich EVER...Yummy, It would be better If I had a glass of milk!" It's so funny now but I remember now all these things and I am almost glad to have those moments to remember because all I will remember is how happy she was eating the best sandwich EVER!!!
P.S. I am still wondering how she found the PB&J I thought I put them where she wouldn't find them.

Good list. An additional concern of mine for my Mother who cannot reach for a glass of water: are they going into her room and giving her water every hour? So many times I arrive and her glass is full. I can't be there every day. I do notice that she always smells good, her hair washed, and hands and entire body well-moisturizer. I cut her hair, do her nails, and call the podiatrist every other month.
Also give hugs, back rubs, kisses, and tell them they are loved:) xo

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