I've been thinking of ways to simply but pleasurably create activities for my father to enjoy the beauty of the Fall season. Short color tours is on the agenda. We'll do a pumpkin carving (which I'll do b/c of the safety with knives issue but Dad will choose the design).

I'm planning to buy 2 ceramic pumpkins to put in his temporary rehab room. One will be filled with washed apples; the other with not so healthy but equally pleasurable chocolate goodies. These will be our treats to the staff.

I'm going to make a nominal wreath for the door and little ghosties from old sheets to hang from the bushes. (I'm trying to figure out a design that represents old ghosts as well as young ones).

I want something attractive but not complicated or expensive. Some of the designs will be chosen based on the factor of limited dexterity.

I've eliminated stopping at cider mills because of the long lines of people waiting to buy cider or apples.

How do others make Fall and its holiday special for their elder ones?

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That's nice, fun before the turn the clocks back, shorter days arrive.

Oh, the staff also wore costumes and the residents got a kick out of that! We took photos and the spirit in the place was so festive!

Casper and Father Time as ghosts?

Amazing Garden Artist! You are going all out! Such thoughtful planning, and good ideas!

Gave me an idea for my friend's birthday-place the gifts in a pumpkin on her porch. With a handle so she can pick it up. Thanks.

What a great idea. I bet it will turn out great. The seniors will be thrilled, I bet.

The AL where my cousin lives has an annual Fall Festival for the residents. It's held during the day and last a couple of hours. The staff brings those from the Secure Memory Care unit over to the other wing to participate, if they are able to process it. Family members attend to assist with them.

My cousin, who is in Memory Care, was thrilled to participate, though she was only able to process it for about 30 minutes. But, she enjoyed it for that time period.

This is what they had:
Each resident received a treat bag with various things, like a holiday plastic cup, comb, etc. Not so much food, but harmless, helpful items.

They had the place decorated in leaves, scarecrows, pumpkins, etc.
Some of the residents participated in art projects that were on display and they were judged and give prizes! The residents voted by placing their pick into a bowl. After a drum roll, the winners were announced.
They had a BINGO table set up with prizes for the winners. Even my cousin was able to play it!
They had a sand bag toss and ring toss with prizes.
They provided costumes for all residents! They were mostly simple, but the residents loved it and really got into it! Prizes were awarded for costumes as well. Residents voted on that, as well.

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