It all sounds great... up front. I wonder what kind of pitfalls nobody is telling me about and how it will eventually end up.

(I'm told the court does a total liquidation of the parent's property and belongings. The money is put into an account to provide for the nursing home.)

I gave up everything to take care of Mom for the last 8 years and I'm concerned I'll get booted onto the street without funds to get back on my own feet.

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I'm just partially familiar with the law in Kansas, but that actually sounds right. Here, it's called Estate Recovery, and basically the elder's assets must be spent down to nearly zero before the state will pay for care. I know they'll also look back a couple of years, to see if gifts have been made in an attempt to reduce the assets. However, there are certain exemptions and allowances... definitely get the advice of an elder care attorney in Texas.

No, Have you found out anything yet about Texas?
I'm interested in the outcome. I know Nevada law because my father lived there.
Get a lawyer to draw up legal papers fast, You need his POA, Medical POA, Will, maybe a Trust if he owns property. Do it now while she can still write.

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