going to switch topics for as I am usually posting about my NM. My husband will be 75 soon and over the last several years has developed a tremor in this left hand. He is now going to a neurologists and he has prescribed trhexyphen 2mg four times a day. Almost from the beginning he started having dry mouth and a sore throat. Oh he also had thrush mouth but that seems to be gone but the sore throat and dry mouth are not. I also have seen changes in his behavior almost like maybe early stages of dementia but now I am worndering if this could be from the drug We see his dr sept 4th and hope to get some answers. Anyone out there have or know some one on this drug.. Thanks in advice

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Hope these help.

I'm glad to hear you are going to the doctor so soon. Have the tremors improved on this drug? The doctor should be able to advise you about the dry mouth, suggesting something to counteract it, or perhaps changing the drug. Keep a careful record of what you see as possible dementia symptoms. Discuss whether these could be drug side effects.

It really sounds like it would be best to get of the drug for a trial period and see how that changes things, if t does. But definitely wait for the doctor appointment to discuss all issues.

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