My mom suffered a serious cardiac episode nearly 2 years ago. Her recovery has been lengthy. She luves alone in her own home but I am an only child and her primary support. She walks with a walker, has occasional falls and is currently unable to drive. I work full time and live across town with my domestic partner. She requires frequent emotional support in addition to support with chores and errands. She is also a heavy drinker. She has always had high demands of me and it has become more intense these past 2 years. I love her so much and empathize hugely but I am beginning to feel very resentful and exhausted. She refuses to use community supports that may be available with the exception of accessible public transit... but only to and from work 3 days per week, the rest often falls to my partner and I as I am an only child and he drives while I do not. The guilt/resentment cycle is taking it's toll emotionally and physically. Any words of support or wisdom would be appreciated here.

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Al-Anon has meetings for adult children of alcoholics. Also read up on thiamine depletion from alcohol and subsequent dementia. Ask MD for Rx.

Thank you!

Um. Oh goodness. Try typing "detaching with love" into the Search Site box, top right. Just something to keep in mind if you do, though - it is a right and good thing to love your mother, and nobody would even think of trying to make you stop. So don't take unflattering terms like "toxic" the wrong way - this is about protecting you, not about being unkind to your mother. Best of luck.

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