Well I will say sorry one time for my grammer and so forth for writing oh excuse me typing when I was upset don't think I will be asking anything else on here don't feel like having people think I'm stupid for people who were kind to me thank you appreciate to people who made judgements worried about grammer and not typing right sorry but I can say I am sure you have faults also have a nice life. Sandy22

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Sandy22, i was sorry to read your note above. We all come to this site because we are stressed out, angry, anxious, and seeking help and to help - the last thing we need is picky grammar police! Please stay - you give great advice and are a kind listener, and if this site helps you with your situation - even more reason to stay. Take care

everybody has faults for sure . im trying to identify and correct some of mine at the age of 56 and its like digging the panama canal with an oatmeal spoon . defies a starting point ..

Sandy22, please don't go. You've gotten lots of good feedback. Some folks apparently didn't realize that you were typing on your pjone while very upset. How's your mom?

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