My mother (93+) has been living in assisted living for number of years but now because of several reasons will need to go to skilled nursing. I have met with attorney specializing in elder care. It was determined she does not need the QIT or Miller's trust because her income is under the 2012 $2,094 in Texas. However, on July 31 (Medicaid application will be dated August 1) she will have $2,600 in on hand and in her checking and savings account. We were told by the attorney to spend $1,000 by July 31, buy her some clothes, etc.
Question: We are running out of ideas where to spend $1,000 in a matter of a few days. I would like to get her a notebook (PC) but afraid it will get stolen at the skill nursing facility. Clothes don't add up to $1,000. Any suggestions how to get rid of $1,000 legally in 3 days? We were told our mother could not give any of the money to her children.
Question: If we get the cash on hand down to $1,600, does she get to hold on to the $1,600 or does she have to give that up?
Question: she has been in a skilled nursing facility for over 30 days for rehab and therapy from knee surgery. We want her to go to another skilled nursing facility. If we move her to a different skilled nursing facility after she has met the 30 day requirement in the current facility, does she have to start over on the 30 days at the new skilled nursing facility.


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Thanks for your comments and answering the question re: starting over on 30 days. Since I made my post, I have thought possibly a new twist to the matter of excess cash. The monthly income limit in Texas is $2,094. My mother will have $2,600. I remembered she owes a bill on her assisted living facility that will come close to the $2,094 and I think we can get under this amount. Now I am wondering if after we have spent/used enough funds to get under the limit of $2,094, does she get to the the amount that is under the limit, i.e. probably around $2,000. I would think yes because it is funds prior to Aug 1 the date of her application for Medicaid. She just has to get the total down under the $2,094 so she can meet the income test for Medicaid.

Thanks again for your time and interest.

Does Mother have a prepaid funeral account? That is allowed, and it is often a great comfort to the elderly to know that the final expenses won't be a burden to their children.

When you are thinking clothing, consider duplicates -- things do tend to go missing. Also think of coats/jackets/outwear for all seasons.

Prepay a cable subscription, newspapers, or magazines, depending on Mother's interests.

Does she have a very comfortable recliner? Perhaps one with a lift mechanism if she needs help getting up?

If I'm understanding your question about the 30 days correctly, no the count does not start over when she moves.

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