For those that have been keeping up with my saga of the DYSFUNCTIONAL family (bratty niece, greedy siblings, etc.), this one completely takes the cake

Sidenote: Despite me extending the Olive Branch after the fiasco with bratty niece and delusional mom, they have yet to reach out to Dad or visit him since that day.

OK... back to topic. So I started getting random texts from Dad's past fellow church members and colleagues about... FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS!?!?!

Apparently, some of Dad's MANY children (who I've kept in the dark about Dad's whereabouts... with good reason... the meth, the stealing, the guns to name a few) are spreading around Dad's hometown that he has taken that glorious journey to the clouds.

To make matters worse, these other children are stating that they are going to take my sister (with the bratty daughter) to court or physically remove her from the house that my Dad gave her two years ago when I brought him to live with me.

I honestly don't have the energy to deal with this new episode of drama, but I don't want Dad to get wind of this foolishness. It would really upset him.

Any suggestions on how to reach the masses (without the AWFUL other children learning his whereabouts) and let them know Dad is OK?

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Well you must have told the church members that it was a little premature for funeral arrangements so you can assume they will spread the news. And since they are hounding your sister I'm sure she has told them too. It is probably a good heads up though that you all make sure the title transfer on the house is rock solid.

Start a Facebook page for dad. Post a picture and " news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated".

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