My aunt is 83 years old I have resided here since November 2011 . I live here with my two aunts and uncle younger then my 83 year old aunt and older than I. I have noticed that my younger aunt here has been taking my older aunt to the bank and been manipulating her for her money from the bank she has also been using auntie’s credit cards and driving her car. Now auntie’s car is broken. I have told the rest of the family what she’s been doing and my cousin has just retained power of attorney for my 83 year old aunt but the damage has been done and seems irreversible. My wicked aunt has accumulated a credit card debt over 8,000 dollars over the last four years she’s been here. My wicked aunt will not relinquish my 83 year old aunts credit cards and anything else she has of my older auntie. My uncle refuses to pay any rent or bills. My cousin with power of attorney has asked me to do some investigation of what we can do without sending any of them to jail...we are still family. What we would like to do is put uncle and wicked auntie out and get the wicked auntie to give 83 year old auntie back her stuff. As I have stated we are experiencing extreme finical difficulties.

My cousin has suggested to evict both of them and asked me to write up a notice but i am unsure of this since there is no written agreement binding uncle and auntie to pay rent . My suggestion is a restraining order on the both of them . I think that would be cheaper and that the policemen escorting them off the premises would make the wicked auntie to turnover the older aunties car keys credit cards and check.

Does anyone out there have any better ideas affordable for us that would render the best results?

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In some locations an eviction notice is required even if rent was never charged or there is no written agreement. Even if it isn't required, I don't see any harm in giving a formal eviction notice. The person with POA needs to do it, but you, of course, could find the form and get it ready.

mom2vic has good thoughts about stopping the problem RIGHT NOW. Take action!

Are Aunt and Uncle pleasant company for your Good Aunt? Does she like having them there or is she in favor of moving them out? Is there any possibility that they could stay IF they paid some rent and IF you take steps to prevent them from taking monetary advantage?

I assume your aunt and uncle are elderly -- perhaps in their 70s? Where will they go if you evict them? If you are not willing/able to help them arrange something, and if they can't do it your themselves, it might be a kindness to get a social worker involved.

Good luck ... and let us know how this turns out! We learn from each other.

First, call the credit card company immediately
, with your "good Aunt" by your side, and request new cards with NEW NUMBERS. Tell them that the cards were "lost".

Second, take your Aunt to the bank and close out the current checking accounts and open up new ones with new numbers!
Do not tell the wicked Aunt that you have done either of these things.
The problem is that the new cards and checks will come in the mail, so you must get to them before your wicked Aunt does. Maybe you can put in a change of address at the post office (right away) so that all mail gies to the new address (maybe your Cousin's address).
I don't know how you get the Uncle and Aunt out of there except by having them legally evicted. The wicked Aunt has committed fraud and theft. Tell her that you will bring charges against her if she doesn't pack up and leave.
Hope this helps.

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