Constant referral to disturbing but clearly delusional events in his childhood. He tells me this same story. I just listen.
Also being a strict Catholic, he's obsessed with going to confession sometimes twice a week.
He's hiding money because he thinks the banks are going to go broke like in the depression in the 1900s. He says this constantly also.
Some days he seems quite lucid, but other days he rambles on with nonsense. His memory is getting increasingly worse and he has significant cognitive impairment, Although he remembered something hurtful that he said to me yesterday which I guess this must be Mid Stage dementia, Idk.
Anyway, recently my siblings and I had a sit down regarding his future care and other issues.
At the time, he was concurrent with things discussed but in the last week, he's all over the shop. Feeling of distrust regarding finances, my brother is POA and he says to me don't tell your brother this or that, which seriously pisses me off.
anyway I'm rambling.

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Where is your dad? Is he in a facility or in your home?

Okay, thanks for the additional information. I think he should be evaluated again. He may need his meds adjusted. Has he been tested for other issues such as an UTI?

Call a priest if you feel it may help. Speak to the priest beforehand so the priest is aware of his condition. Inform the priest that if it isn’t going well, to leave and let you know what happened.

I know that this is unnerving for you. I wish there was a simple answer but in some cases there are no easy solutions.

Vent anytime and let us know how you are doing. We care.

Maybe a bit of both. But my Dad is in a mindset where he just wants to join my mum. I have no idea what stage of dementia he is in and I know for sure that he won't agree to getting assessed. I can say that he has gone beyond early stages. though how much. I don't know.
As far as confession is concerned, he keeps telling me that he hadn't been a good person his whole life., and now he wants to make amends bc he thinks he's going to hell and he's worried about eternity. Trouble is that he's dragging us into his guilt. It's a real obssession with him but I can't argue with him, it's his reality now.

I was raised as a Catholic. I went to Catholic school and attended Mass. We were never told to go to confession twice a week. That is obsessive even for devoutly practicing Catholics.

We attended Mass every Sunday and Holy Days. We went to confession once a month and went to Mass on First Fridays. Our church did have daily Mass for those who wished to attend but it isn’t required to do so.

Do you feel that his desire for frequent confessions stems more from his dementia than his religion?

Has he had a priest visit him? The priest will visit, hear confession and serve communion. I would explain his circumstances to the priest so he will understand your dad’s health situation.

Ask your dad if he would like to have a priest come to the house to hear his confession. You can call your parish priest and ask him to come over to hear dad's confession. I would inform the priest of your dad's dementia cause this could be a rather "unusual" confession.

If he's hiding his money in the house make sure it's in a fireproof box. Having his money in a bank doesn't get him anything nowadays anyway. Banks do have federal backing but with a $3 trillion deficit, I don't take any comfort in that.

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