She hasn't even spoken to her in 3 years!
I put a question out there this morning regarding my estranged sister trying to contact my mother after abandoning her for three years and never visiting her to check on her not once even though she lived 15 minutes from her. She contacted me a couple days ago (5 months after we moved my mom!) because the house now has a sold sign in front of it. I was going to put together a letter with some information and send to her because I do not want to speak with her. Well, this evening I received a text from her threatening to apply for guardianship. As I stated in my previous question, I have POA and am trustee and all of her money and proceeds from the house are in a trust account in her name. I have a message into an elder attorney here in my state but I am curious to hear from anyone who experienced a similar situation.

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You file for Guardian status NOW. Guardian trumps POA. She can tell her side to the judge. You know and I know her motives are profit centered.
If she has bad credit or any arrest record or she lives out of state, or if she ever took money from mom, the Judge will not be happy about it.

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