agingcare could expand the capacity of our profiles so we could share more and various pics. when some of our carer days are ended many of us may be looking for a significant other to link up with. us unmarrieds will looking to start our new life and not necessarily alone.
aside from that it would be a benefit if AC would have alerts to tell us something is in out inboxes.not email alerts just a blip or two on our profile pic indicating hug mail. you didnt believe i could say hug without following with nut didja?
i didnt think it could be done either to be honest..

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what is discussed on here is mostly our elder relatives. the limited interaction between carers almost adds to the general feeling that we have little to no personal lives. surely we have hobbies, hairless cats , homely grandbabys or something to share..

I'm not looking for a significant other but it really would be a big help if everyone would fill out at least all the information asked for in the profile. It helps a lot in answering a question to be able to look up whether the parent is in a nursing home or if the poster is in the US.

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