I have taken care of so many family members. I had my mother in law in one room with bone cancer and my father in another room with copd but my mom is killing me! I just realized when my dad died she has dementia. So she always wanted a house with a yard and a dog so as per dads request I did that for her and we all moved in together. Her myself and my husband. She does nothing but smoke cigarettes and complain. She doesn't believe theres anything wrong with her. She can take care of herself. She sits with the door open all day its 95 degrees outside. I told her put on some pants. She dont like pants. I have paid all the bills since we moved in. I use her acct. Because i dont have one i just put what little u get into her acct with her check and take care of everything. Well she can pay her own bills she said so i git tired of the fight and gave her her card back. She gave 800.00 away about 3 weeks ago. She back handed comments me all the time about im stupid and im just about done. My husband and I seperated three wks ago. I just cant take it anymore. Plz help snyone who can hear my voice please. I am to the point Im here incase she falls. I dont visit and talk to her because shes mean to me and she watches murder forinsic files all day everyday and it depresses me. Not like I need anything else for that. I just feel like I am in quicksand.

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