My mother who is 82 years ago has been hospitalised now for a month, following a fall and a infection, has not eaten very much for 3 weeks, except for honey, yogurt little fruit she is still drinking by mouth. Her drip to hydrate to was removed two weeks ago. when I saw her last week she kept asking for adrink so she had lucozade, tea, water though very little to eat. Doctors told us that there was not more that they could do for her. When I phoned hospital today was told that mum ate a little breakfast, tea, water and is doing well? this is a emotionally charged time what do I do the doc has said to me recently whatever mum wants and she can eat or drink without being forced then let her have it? how long can mum last like this?

I feel so sorry for everybody out there who is going through a similar experience particulary this time of year being Christmas and all. x

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Is Mother on hospice care? That can be a great comfort to Mother and to you.

Toward the end my mother did not eat very much and then stopped eating. This changed over a course of a few weeks to a few days. I am sorry that you are going through this experience and at this time of year.

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