My mother is terminally ill. My father who has always been difficult-has become mean, irrational, forgetful and abusive to me and some of the caregivers.
The nurse advised he see a Dr. to get help for his anxiety, mood swings and diabetes
problems. Not only did he refuse to go, he stormed out of the apt, he also drove to the office of his Dr who was involved in setting up the appt. He told the Dr I was nothing but a trouble maker and he is FINE. He drove around the parking lot for a while and then parked where they live for two hours. He called 4 times telling us to leave or he would call the police. We said as soon as another family member arrived we would. After about two and a half hours , he called his neighbor(also elderly) to tell us he was calling the police.
When the man arrived, we were leaving. Worried we pulled around the corner and waited for the relative to call before we made the hr drive home. Less than ten mins after we left, the police arrived to throw us out. Later my dad said if we came back, he'd call the police again.
My dad was yelling and complaining to and about everyone there even after we left. He does things the caregiver has told him NOT to do. They have told him if he doesn't stop, they will call 911, and he doesn't change.
There is SO much more, but I know you get the picture. We have been told there is some type of an EMERGENCY GUARDIANSHIP or COMPENTENCY hearing. However, no one seems to know how to actually do it! I'm hoping that a professional or someone that has been through it can give us the necessary info to proceded. We don't want him taken to jail or a psych ward as my mother is dying, and she wants him around.
BTW-we live in MASS.
Thank you-

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I would call a lawyer or go to legal aide for advice the way your father is acting or maybe call a crisis hot line and explain your fathers behaivor. Are the aides from an agency or hired from personal referals-if they are from an agency I would call the agency and tell them to call 911 when he acts up after a few times the emt's or police will make some decions-you should not have to deal with this on your own, Is there an office for the ageing in your area or maybe a policiation might be able to help. Please let us know how things are going it helps to vent on this site

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