I have recommended a few times.
Difficult for me reading this. I am 78, thus between Ms Berg's age of 70 and the age of her parents in their 90s, but this memoir is amazing. It is about Ms. Berg's parents, and about her and her siblings attempting to negotiate their aging, their anger, their needs, their move from family home to Assisted Living. It is touching, it is fearsome.
I sure do recommend this book to all.
It doesn't have the answers, but what it does capture beautifully is our very lives.

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More for the reading list.. thank you!

MJ I love Roz Chast's book. When my bro was losing his last little home, of all the books I had sent to HIM, that was one of the few I lugged back home in my overstuffed luggage full of his life from his dog tags and first wooden carved dog to his scrapbook of his life's love. It is wonderful and I wouldn't let it out of my library for anything. What I remember the most in it is the Mom busting her hip, telling Roz "I was doing the stork." How many times, now, at 78 do I do the stork and scold myself, knowing, when I got down it will do my hip!

Thanks Alvadeer,
I found that title available at my library. It must be popular because they have 33 copies. I reserved one. I'm not against tearing up when I hear real life stories- been there.

And for the more snarky among us who want to laugh a little through the anguish of caregiving, I highly recommend Roz Chast's book about caring for her aging parents, "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?"

The reviewer from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch absolutely nailed it:

"Devastatingly good . . . Anyone who has had Chast’s experience will devour this book and cling to it for truth, humor, understanding, and the futile wish that it could all be different."

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