elders who are entering the discussions with family,friends,neighbors via computers
amazes me how the elder generation continues to embrace the technology we utilize in hospitals, schools, libraries, homes

the same persons who cared for us are now side by side utilizing computers to
stay connected to family members, neighbors, friends

remembering discussions about the phone with letters and numbers
or a neighbor who is as close as the next tree
these modern times are not so modern, or are they?

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there are miscommunications with emails, however the tone of voice is not a factor as with phone calls
really encouraged by family and friends across the country who utilize computers to stay connected
alot to be said for those old fashioned folks writting letters-myself included

I am 76, live alone, and love the Internet. My daughter and 3 sons love their "smart phones." Emails, on the other hand, are very convenient; I can open them now or leave them for later ... and not be interrupted (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc) by calls that sometimes last for an hour. However, I cannot seem to get the idea across of emailing me once in a while instead of calling. They love me and I love them, but I also love reading emails. Sometimes I forget what the phone calls were about...but I can always re-read an email. Oh well...just venting.

My Mom got computer when early 80's. We (her kids) were so happy and excited, as we live far from her, but she refuses to use the e-mail!!Says, "why wouldn't I just pick up the phone and talk?" She used it only to follow her NFL team!!A real disappointment to all of her family.

For some of them yes and others, no. My father learned how to use the computer to send emails and use Google to learn more about various things, but within a couple a months, he totally forgot how to use it.
Now we have enough trouble trying to keep him from deleting or changing setting with the remote control. The only thing he know now is how to turn his TV off and on and he wrote down his favorite channels before he lost everything else he knew about the remote.

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