i have a lot of time to kill between chores, so i started doing surveys/product testing online.well, apperently, my dad really likes this too!! i was sent 2 bottles of laundry soap to try, i told him about product testing, he seemed real curious about it, so i asked him if he'd like to participate. its really simple, they send a survey asking your opinions of the smell,softness,etc.theres 4 peices of paper you fill out eact time you do a load of laundry, so i did the first two loads, and he actually washed his own underware to be able to fill his opinions on one of the papers! sweet!! now, these are supposed to be only head of house,me, but if it keeps him busy safely, then im letting him help!! so i got paper towels today, few minutes ago i caught him sneaking into the kitchen to peek in the so im including him on this survey too.YAY!! now keep in mind a few things if you try these, one, they dont pay much if anything, maybe 25c but it doesnt cost you any money either.any survey/product test that charges you money, its a fake, dont do it! legit ones will be totally free. two, he likes that his opinion is wanted.three products to test!! he sees it as we got 2 free laundry soaps, we got 2 free rolls of this is cool.who knows how long he will like it, but for the time being, hes not trying to climb ladders so im happy...

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