I am a caregiver who assists a sibbling with caring for our mom during my summers off from my educator work. This summer while in the process of teaming up with my sibbling to seek assistance with home care, exploring the costs of memory care in assisted liiving homes, and applying for financial assistance grants etc. tragedy struck and my sibbling's adult son sadly passed away. Within 2 weeks my sibbling had 2 strokes was hospitalized and has had arterial procedures. Since a stress free life is necessary to heal and maintain his healh, he can no longer be on my mom's caregiving team. I've taken a family leave of absence which has now enced and while reeling from all thats been happening, I am my mom's caregiver and am still responsible for paying my out of state rent and bills. Since I must return to my own state to either find a way to secure my job for September and explore whether my mom can live with or near me, I must seek funding. I am wondering if anyone knows of a foundation that assists famiies who can't afford home care or assisted living with memory care option. I am aware of the Veteran's Benefit, the NJ Statewide Respite Program and am grateful that we can seek an Alzheimer's grant. I could assist with some home care costs, provided I can work again. I am grateful that I was here to assist my family when in need; however I will be at risk if I don't continue to pay into social security. My mom's dementia/alzheimers requires that she no longer live alone. Any funding or scholarship info would be grately appreciated

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Caregiving22, here is one thing to think about if one is trying to decide whether to quit work to care for an aging parent.... on average if a working person quits work he/she will lose over the years between $285,000 and $325,000 which includes loss of salary, plus net worth loss of the health insurance, loss of money being put into social security/ Medicare, loss of other benefits such as matching 401(k), profit sharing, etc. [source: Reuters 5/30/12]

I see from your profile you live in California, that is one State that does have funding for caring for a parent. If there is some way you could move your Mom [if at all feasible], that might help with finances. Check with the State of CA Medicaid office.

Medical Assistance aka Medicaid (welfare), see a specialized lawyer before starting the application process. You will need to set aside funds for burial expenses and arrange for any assets to be spent down to allowed limits (2,000). There is also V.A. if she was an active duty or spouse of one. There's no other help, no scholarships or free money out there to pay memory care rent. Everyone has to pay their own way, save lots of money for their senior needs while young, and buy nursing home insurance policies long before they need it--otherwise you have to rely on welfare. (That's why there's the old saying, "there's no financial aid for retirement" used by middle-classed parents when their kids expect them to pay for college, it's not a good idea).

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