My mother is living with me in a new york city apartment. She is 74 years old, arthritic and a long time alcoholic. She has completely trashed the bedroom she is living in, and every day it becomes more challenging trying to manage my life and hers.
She has medicare and a small pension, but zero savings.
What are my options in the long run. I am lost.

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contact your local area agency on aging to understand what's possible in NY state. There are often low -rent facilities for seniors, they'll adjust rent based on her income. There is no shame in admitting that you can't take care of elderly parents any longer. Best o fluck

are you sure that not my mother age 74 not an alcoholic, but drugs back in her party days. the only things is my mother lives in her own apartment by the grace of God she was homeless and sick and section 8 stepped in. she has a very small penison and ssi,less then 1000.00 per month every few months she needs money for something. i'm not sure about NY but here in Cali. my mother get medcal-medcare and pays no more then $5 per meds. some cost less then a $1 without that i don't know what i would do. they giver her everything free almost.

What's a girl too do?

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