We live on SOc Sec and a very small pension with many medical bills being pd off as well as credit card balances like most of middle class families We want to be near daughters in Hollywood/Cooper City area in Florida. We are so afraid we will not have the money and are depressed about the future. ISS there any way you can help?

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Thinking of you both...big hugs!

You are fortunate that you live in the State of Florida where there is a Medicaid Waiver program that will provide benefits for the cost of care in an assisted living facility.

It is called the "Long-Term Care Diversion Program" and it specifically targeted to assist those middle income beneficiaries who might otherwise require intermediate nursing home services.

The keys to this program are as follows:

1. You or your spouse must be medically eligible for Medicaid ICP (Institutional Care Program) via an assessment done by the Department of Elder Affaris.

2. You and your spouse must meet the financial requirements for Medicaid ICP.

3. You must contract with an assisted living facility that participates in the program.

If all of the above is satisfied, Medicaid will provide a stipend of between $1,000 and $1,300 per month PER BENEFICIARY.

The program is currently closed to new members however it typically opens up again in the fall and winter. Now is the time to do your homework.

To find out more about this program go here:

Is your husband a veteran? He may be eligible for a non-service connected pension benefit towards the cost of care of up to $1,950 per month. There is a lot about this on this site or you can go here:

The bottom line is that between your own resources (Social Security, proceeds from sale home, savings) and the Diversion program you should be fine. If you qualify for the VA pension in addition (you can receive Medicaid and VA pension simultaenously) you will be in very, very good financial shape.

I am so sorry I hope that it will all work out for you. Did you ever purchase Long Term Insurance? I am finding this is a very handy thing to have - but no one every explained it to the nation's community just like investing they don't tell you have to scratch and dig for information.
Okay today I found this series on this website...maybe there maybe some information you can use. Good luck and please let us know how it is going.

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