My mother (93) yells and shouts and talks to all her dead siblings (5) and others whenever she is awake, which is at least 16 to 20 hours per day. She also has delusions and halucinations and sees people that are not there, which scares me to death when she says "there is someone standing right behind you" or "I can not believe you are going to stay in this room. That guy is going to kill you." She gets manic and has a pattern of ranting on for three days and three nights no-stop talking; then colapses for two days and nights. Then it starts over again. The Pschiatrist has put here back on Seroquil and Lexapro, which does not seem to do a thing. I think she needs a sedative.
Has anyone found a medication that will stop or slow down the talking, and is there a sleeping pill that can get her to sleep through the night? Benadryl does nothing. Her psychiatrist will not prescribe for her anymore, because it is impossible to get her to the doctor. My bedroom is right next to hers, and she wakes me up constantly. I am at the end of my rope; her dementia is worsening. She took medication (Seroquil) for hearing voices and singing in her head 10 years ago.

This experience has humbled me to my core. I had not idea what this would be like and realize all the others who have not walked this path also don't have a clue. I feel there are no alternatives left to keep her in my home, and dread putting her in a Nursing Home. I can cope with most of the other negative behavior if I get a good night's sleep. I am also wondering if anyone has used "Visiting Angels". I thought if they could come for 12 hours per day, like 10 pm to 10 am, they could address the ranting throughout the night. The stress of being 73 and living alone with her is taking its toll. WOULD SO APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS.

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TO: JeanneGibbs

You will never know how much your words helped me tonite. I keep thinking it's me, and my responsibilitiy to figure out how to cope with this.

Get help. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SLEEP. After all, sleep deprivation is used as a torture device. I don't know anything about Visiting Angels, but I suggest you look into that. Is there another bedroom you can move into to if you had help there looking after your mother?

Dementia is a progressive disease, and generally it progresses to a point where one person cannot give proper care in a home setting. It sounds like that time has come for your mother. If in-home help is not sufficient, then placing her where there is round-the-clock staff, all of whom are well-rested and take proper breaks, have training, and have backup help, may be your best option. And realize that none of this is your fault. Poor Mother has a progressive disease. It has progressed.

Early in my husband's dementia I had many, many sleepless nights with him. I knew that I simply could not keep him at home if that continued. Fortunately medications worked for him, and he has been home for nine years. But I fully understand that not being able to sleep through the night is a make-or-break factor in home care. Try home help. Accept that placement may be necessary. You cannot do this alone.

Hugs to you. You are a brave and loving person.

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