I just want to thank everyone who takes the time and has the generosity of spirit to give their perspective and insights to those who submit questions. You also lift my spirit from the depressing little details of everyday life.

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Wow that is a nice mom would not go....

Someone just said to me that taking care of the elderly is a lot like taking care of children. No it is not, it is harder. Unlike children the elderly are adults, they were once your caregiver, they have their own financial issues that need to be taken care of plus a large array of medical issues. When my children were small we went to parks and outings where my children made friends and I made friends with those childrens parents. Caring for your elderly parents has made me feel very isolated and I can honestly say that I don't really have a best friend anymore. I can't find time to go out with my husband. Next month Mom and Dad are goind to adult day care and I am so looking forward to have a small window of time to be free. What else is wonderful about this program is that they become the primary caregiver of my parents. This means they will monitor and give meds, make appointments with their specialists and take them, they have rehab, they feed them, they have many, many different activities. I am hoping that at the end of the day my parents will have something to talk about.

Yep getting older as they get older....but I feel that it has advanced my aging..stress, not eating right, not sleeping right, anxiety and always on the run. It's tough thinking for 2! You have to live your life and take care of full blown another person's life at the same time...much more different than a child due to they are usually your parents and have a say over you least they think!

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