Took my mother in law to ER approx 4 wks ago with one of her episodes. They admitted her. Neurologist diagnosed partial complex seizures & put her on Keppra 2x's day. Since then she's have absence seizures everyday, sometimes multiple ones. Her bp is all over the place from 194/92 to 80/43. She doesn't lose conciousness, cardiologist doesn't think it's heart related. She's gone from being an active, vital woman, to a shell of herself. It's heart breaking and no one wants to do anything. Home health advised me to take her back to ER and make them admit her and not leave until they run every test they can. Where can I find information on tests to run? I'm at the end of my rope because this should not be happening! She does have early Alzheimer's and macular degeneration as well as heart disease. The only handicap she's ever had until now is her vision. Where can I turn?

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Was this her regular neurologist? Who treats her beginning stage Alzheimer's? Is her regular doctor available to talk to you? There should be some sort of support in the form of elder services. Do you think the medication is too strong for the partial complex seizures but not covering the absence seizures? Look up the medication to see if this is a side effect. See if they have done any studies with the oldest old, in the elderly at all. The elderly have different issues with medication. If all else fails, home health's idea or taking her back to the ER is a decent idea as they would have to look at her condition again. Ask for her to be seen by a gerontologist who knows about elder medical care.

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