The reason she went to the alternate one was because the doctor that saw her in the hospital could continue treating her at the alternate home but did not go to the one she was living in before. She was very sick then. Now that she is well, she wants to go back to the original nursing home she as in before she went to the hospital. The original facility she was in before going to the hospital says they will not take her back since she chose a different facility when she was discharged from the hospital instead of coming back to them. Can they refuse to take her like that? She is on Medicaid and I know they do have a medicaid bed available. She lived in the original nursing home for almost 3 years before she was ill and misses her friends.

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If this is important to her, and the NH has a corporate office, call and ask if they have a resident may find a more compassionate person.
I am a big fan of not taking "no" for an answer.

She did not sign any kind of formal withdrawal from the first facility and nothing at the hospital either. The doctor at the hospital said he could not take on one more facility, he was already the medical director of the one she chose after she left the hospital but did not have time to go to both facilities. I did talk to the director of the former facility and told him why she wanted to stay with the doctor that was up to speed about her medical issues at least until her condition was not as life threatening and the director seemed really angry that we did not go back to his facility after her hospital stay. This seems strange to me but I suspect you are right in your accessment that they are being quite petty about all of this. I certainly appreciate you dicsussing it with me. It's a shame that at age 93 my mother can't be back with her friends now. Btw, she was and still is on Medicaid, not private pay. Thanks again.

Did she sign any kind of formal "withdrawal" from the first facility or did they have her sign anything at the hospital to that effect? Or are they just being jerky just because she wanted to continue with the doc that helped her?
They may have had a demand for her room (especially if it was a "private pay") and gave it away when she released it.
Btw, why could her doctor not see her in the new facility?
Have you had a chance to speak with the director of the facility and point out that it was not "personal" but a choice of physician?
I hope they are not being petty because she made a decision without thinking it through.

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