In Michigan I just received our local newspaper and an 82-yr old man is being charged with malicious property after he was seen spray painting grave markers.

His wife and mother are both buried at the cemetery. What really bothered me was that later in the story they mentioned that he had sprayed X's on three trees (to find his way) to the graves, and that he defaced 22 gravestones. Possibly to pave the same way as the trees, but nothing was said about that. The damage was just under $12,000. No where in the story does it mention if this man had dementia, aging problems, it was just quick in appearance to jump on him by charging him.

They are going to prosecute this man. I'm not saying that someone should not be held accountable for the repairs, but at 82 years old, is it really just "age" or the mental decline we've all come to deal with as our reality.

It was very disturbing. The county prosecutor has authorized an arrest warrant for malicious destruction of property when the elder thought he was helping to improve the markers.

Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture?

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Naus its good to see you back! Carol and others, yes, this is very scary. What makes matters even scarier is that just like in Washington with the shooting at the Holocaust Museum with the 82 yr old man as well (who I understand was disturbed for some time)..... this is another issue of what was going on?

I mean I know as I age (hopefully gracefully), that I know I would have a difficult time being "evaluated" for issues or feeling infringed upon. I see how this is a problem presently for elders, but what still does not make sense to me is that if people are known to have problems when they are younger like with the museum shooting, why aren't they being watched as they are in their 80s? With so many elder mental health issues, I think I'd be a little leery in prosecuting anything. Its time to find another way to punish or hold someone accountable (if necessary). Also for this local man of mine, from what's reported I don't see the "intent" of maliciously harming. It "seemed as though he was trying to remember his way to his mother and wife's graves by painting a path. I wouldn't be thrilled if I had paid for a headstone,

I don't excuse elder behavior by far because they are older (those who know me understand), but with more and more issues of dementia, depression (severe major), Alzheimer's and so forth emerging, I think I'd be a little more cautious in how I approach these cases.

I know even when I'm out shopping, I can correct a verbally abusive or rude elderly customer by simply putting tactics in to play like I would children, but understanding their perceived reality cannot be helped, is a defining line in caring for them or apparently prosecuting them.

There must be

You are right, Mitzi! There is something going on with this man. He needs to be evaluated for dementia. Are thye just going to throw him in jail???? This isn't a teenage prank. Keep us posted.

Hi Mitzi! How have you been? I just got back. You are definately right. There is something wrong with this picture. They are so quick to prosecute it seems a poor old man. There is something wrong, and this should be looked into further before they decide to lock up an old man who may have contributed good things in this society before his obvious problem. Things seem so backward anymore, and it is so sad.

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