Son and family w/4 kids moved in his small trailer nine years ago. He has settlement from accident that left him with a lobotomy and easily led by his son. He is on disability also. They are only there for money and TR goes without his MEDS and other things. This family is always fighting and TR is supposed to have quieter surroundings. Now they plan to sell his home that is paid for so they can have the $. TR believes everything they tell him or goes along to avoid argument.
Is there any way to force them out without prosecution. TR would be very upset with that. This son is in and out of jail sometimes mos. at a time. He only works long enough to qualify him for a whopping unearned income tax return. They spend every dime TR gets on the day it hits the bank. They have wrecked every vehicle purchased until no one will insure TR now. He went from needing minimal oversight to literally being a prisoner without transportation or money. This is only a very small account of the circumstances. Any ideas on where to start would be appreciated. Thanks. SRK

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