I have a feeling that facilities are going to disagree but ...

Considering a patient’s mental health condition I feel that it is cruel to both the family members and patients to leave a loved one with capacity to relate somewhat at a facility and not be able to see them for ... ???

I think that generally a person has been at a hospital or care facility previously when needed so just what is wrong with telling the patient that this new facility is going to helping them and then help the patient unpack and put things around their personal area, have a meal together, then stay with the patient awhile before leaving and saying theyll be coming back the next day ... and then being allowed to continue to visit.

Virtually saying “here you are. Goodbye. I dont know when we’ll see each other again” shrug ... unless it’s wanted to be that way with the family seems cruel and inhumane.

How would you like that done to you ?!

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There are world's between having to leave someone in a care facility (who cannot understand why & is combative, abusive, resistive etc) & someone moving in who is fully aware why they are moving in.

Do what's right for you & your LO.

BC, yes, residents can leave from AL and even NH and MC allow outtings. They discourage them based on what the dx is but, they are not prisoners and can leave.

Nursing homes and AL facilities sometimes recommend that a family not visit for a week or so in some cases so the new resident can get acclimated. Especially if they have dementia and were placed against their will. If the family is there every day they will not get acclimated to their new environment.
In a drug/alcohol rehab facility, that is different. In those places they usually don't let someone have visitors for 28 days because they are detoxing. After that they do. With drug/alcohol rehab the person can leave any time they want, unless they've been court-ordered to be there. In a nursing home, memory care, or AL facility the resident can't leave.

It seems unlikely that a person is "dumped" and not allowed visitation. What you are describing sounds like what happens if someone goes to a facility for substance abuse. Then generally visitation is not allowed until there is a family meeting several weeks after admittance.

What type of place are you describing? It sounds very confusing and perhaps you could come back and further inform us.

I was told not to visit my dad for several weeks. I laughed, not gonna happen. I went and saw him daily but, he also wasn't combative and I didn't need to worry about him going ballistic and freaking out when it was time for me to leave.

It is a suggestion only and people have to make their own decision about what is best for their loved ones.

You can't "dump" someone at a care facility. There's an intake process and LOTS of forms to fill out. And they want to know who's going to pay for it. They need to know who is the PoA or guardian. If no one, then either the county or facility pursues guardianship so that the elder can have someone legally manage their affairs.

Do some facilities get it wrong? Sure. It's not been my experience with 2 different places. And sometimes what happens is misinterpreted by those on the sidelines, due to lack of knowledge and experience. Emotions also can cloud how one experiences this process with a LO. Sometimes there are no other solutions because the elder didn't plan or save or both. For some problems there are just no good solutions. It can all be very shocking, depressing, enraging and just hard all around.

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