Thank you all sooooo much for all of your help with my Mom on this topic. We've been consulting with ALL of her doctors and we are in the process of getting her off all of this CRAP that we call medication! We are doing with the doctors monitoring the situation and of course keeping in mind the CHF most importantly. I have researched to hell and back about every single drug and OMG, nearly everything she's on causing some type of anxiety, odd behavior, slurred speech, headaches and you name it. I would not have been able to figure any of this out without YOUR HELP!!! Thank you. And we've tested her cognitive abilities before and after medication and what a totally different person before the meds are administered, full of life, peppy, laughing, clear speech, a whole different person. With meds, horrible speech, major sundowning, agitation, etc. I started putting a teddy bear next to Mom at night and that seems to help keep her calm. Everyday is about finding new ways to cope with all of this and thankfully, you guys have experience in this that I don't and I am so grateful for all of your help. Hugs to EVERYONE who posted an answer to this problem!!!! Blessings!

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