I just saw a post on Face Book about an elderly man with Alzheimer's lost since Feb 22,2013. then I searched to see if I can get more details on this man.
What I discovered was horrifying there were many of the same stories of missing elders.
Please do not trust anyone suffering any type of dementia to drive or be left alone.
You may think they are OK......
driving as well as being alone, wandering off, getting lost on foot or by car, will be dangerous!!!!
I can not stress this enough.
Keep a photo of your loved one and an article of clothing with their scent, handy in any case of a potential "lost elder". If you think this may never happen it's better to be safe than sorry!!!!

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Klig281 Thanx for the input! Denial is easy until there's a crisis!!!!
Keep fighting your siblings even if they mean well, you mean well too, but your defiantly in reality!!!
. Ask them if they would get in a car with a person who is confused and can't see clearly and who gets on a highway going the wrong direction, with an 18 wheeler truck in the same lane, I saw this happen...A man did this and it was horrible he drove right into a truck going 55 mph or more.
I also heard a woman in my area got into an accident on a busy road. the police came and she said "I got to put my grocery's away" then walked away from the scene of the accident like it never happened.

I've been battling "we'll meaning" siblings who think I've taken my 85 year old mother's independence away by not letting her drive. She can't find her own apt. sometimes, even though she has lived in it for we'll over a year. It's a senior facility, so it's not like its hard to find

I have often thought of her lost and confused and how badly I would regret I keep fighting them. The good news is, after 4years, she seems to be less interested in getting behind the wheel!

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