No more spur of the moment for me!!! You know what I mean! When a friend would call and ask "want to go see a movie Friday night then out for dinner and cocktails"? "Sure! I get out of work at 5pm "I'll run home and change then meet you at the cinema"..

Now it's totally impossible to go anywhere unless I plan it weeks ahead of time..

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Captain I'm sure if those 2 came sniffing around you again with some enticing offers you'd forget about their past snubs!!

It's not that I can't go anywhere it's that it can't be spur of the moment!!

i met a couple of real scoundrels during my mothers last year. i fixed a hospice workers brakes, lighting, and an oil / filter change and expected her to trade it out in respite so cappy could go hor - in. she never did make it right when i needed her. another girl claimed if id fix her rear brakes shed help me with mom on certain occasions -- for 12 bucks an hour. those two b**ches now have a lifetime to figure out why old fuzzy face will never help em again.
only my friend betsy treated us right. her car runs great, lol, i see to it.

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