I don't feel guilty anymore for wishing bad things on the most horrible monster-in-law in the world. Now my husband and I will have been together for 10 years and in April married for 1 year. My monster-in-law is also a widow, my father-in-law has passed away (wish everyday it was her not him) about 4 years ago. We live with her too. "I'm all alone as she says"!!! But were always here. She only cares about herself, very self-centered, and horrible to deal with. Oyah, we are also expecting a baby very soon. This crazy/unbearable lad if she does anything for me, it will be sending me into early labor. Let's just say she had a friend over the other day ( a total stranger to me ) and asked her if she would move in and take care of the baby (she thinks I won't be a good parent)(I know I will need help but not from her, she has a nasty limp and will probably drop the baby). WTF is wrong with you lady!!! She says that the baby shower she is not sure if she wants to come, pretty much the same thing she said about our wedding. She has two other grandchildren, by my husband's brother. All she cares about is them and furthermore all she talks about. She is such a burden, if my husband and I go out for dinner or see friends and comes home to an empty house. She calls and says "where are you, when are you coming home, and I'm all alone" not only will she call his phone but if he doesn't answer she'll call my phone. When it's still daylight outside. I could probably go on for days about all the self-centered things this lady does. Husband doesn't say it out loud, but I know he's just waiting for her to be out of our lives forever. But I just wanted to tell you I feel your pain. And once she goes, it will most likely be fake tears.

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If it's so unbearably awful for you - move out. Problem solved.

Dealing with her negativity, complaints, and constant criticism is the price youll have to pay right now for living rent free in her house until your living situation changes. Limit your conversation with her. Keep it brief. Do not eat at the same table as her. Change topics if she chooses to argue quick. Everything in life comes with a price. Like living in a beautiful big house, even if you live there by yourself, youll have to work long hours and perhaps more than one job to be able to pay it.

If you are living in her house tread lightly, bite your tongue and save up for your own place. Don't forget she is your built in babysitter. Recognize that mood swings and panic are common during pregnancy and during old age.

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