Donation center for elderly care supplies no longer needed.

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I've seen walkers, canes and other used equipment at good will. Does any one know of a designated location where a surviving family member could donate incontinence products or any other items that could help someone who can't afford those items?


What about any Assisted Living or SNF they might have residents who could use them. If they can't take them they might know where you could donate them. I gave my moms AL nursing office hearing aid batteries because she got a new hearing aid and uses different batteries.
In our area, I'd check with Catholic Charities as they do lots of good work here.
Both great suggestions. I was wondering how to help others that are part of this forum. Be great to have some sort of foundation where donations could go to those in need.
Martinamarie, that is a fantastic idea.... the only thing is that this forum goes worldwide so the logistics of mailing items might be too costly. In my area, the local food pantries will take unopened incontinence supplies.
My Mom's Senior Adult Program at the local Senior Ctr takes all donations.. Try that..
I love that.
I worked at a hospital and a elderly 96 year old patient of mine was concerned about affording her "pads" for leakage. My heart broke.
In our area, the local senior centers have a "lending closet" for things like walkers, canes, bathing chairs, etc. They're a wonderful resource. You might donate to a poorer town or area of town, where people are more in need.
I love the idea of " lending closet". I will take that to my church as an idea as a parishioner. Maybe if we all do that those that are in need can have access.
Let's "pay it forward"

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