I was listening to Betsy McCaughley interview on Obamas new Healthcare Reform that he is pushing through. He wants to save money by killing off the seniors and terminally ill. I was horrified, what kind of a man is running our country. If he stopped giving social security to people who have not paid into it, maybe we would not be having all this trouble. And to put IN GOD WE TRUST ON OUR MONEY, what hypocrits, where is your trust. The SENIORS made this country years ago, they gave there lives for it
FOR WHAT so we casn be killed off because we are old now.

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While I am not in favor of any government managed healthcare program, it would be a leap of logic on my part to state that the presidential incumbent is "killing off the seniors and the terminally ill." Similarly, in my opinion, it would be a leap of logic to define poor legislative policy decisions as "elderly abuse." Poor legislative policy decisions do not necessarily speak to ill-intent; sometimes a poor policy decision is simply an oversimplification of a complex social issue, or weak public policy research and analysis, or sometimes a lack of strategic vision. Like many parents do, all US Presidential incumbents do the best they can based on individual skills, experience, education and layers of entrenched bureacracies. We don't have to agree with their policy initiatives or agenda, but lack of agreement doesn't make this incumbent evil, in my opinion.

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