Recently an aide who visited us to look after Mom (97 with dementia) suggested I share a greeting card project created for this past Mother's Day.

First I asked family to be sure and send her cards. Then I bought some to add to the collection, signing them from people I knew never would send anything. And finally I printed out and pasted photos of the senders inside each card.

Mom will spend hours looking through the cards and loves to share them with people who visit. Does my heart good to watch her.

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My ex-Mom-in-law loves getting greeting cards, she said she has saved all the cards I send her.... good grief, that's 40+ years worth as I am still in contact with her even though her son and I parted ways 20+ years ago... and I use to send card to my Aunts on a regular basis back when they were still around.

I always try to find postage stamps I know my Mom-in-law would enjoy. With a sticker on the back of the envelope. I get enough of those through companies looking for donations :)

Gigi, thank you for sharing this wonderful story. What a unique and loving thing to do. Sometimes we get posts looking for things to keep their loved one engaged. Yours is the best I've heard yet.

If I can find a way to save this link on my IPad, I'll trot it back out come next March.

Thank you!!!

Gigi, that must be so rewarding! Yes, my father enjoys receiving cards, as did everyone in our family. I even enjoyed (but to a lesser extent) receiving e-cards. Perhaps it's now just my experience but it seems that even e-Christmas cards aren't as prevalent as they used to be.

Cards are a visual reminder of people who cared enough to take the time to send a card. Phone calls are great, but can easily be forgotten. Yet the cards are there every day for someone to see.

People will probably gasp as they read this, but I saved the cards my parents and my sister sent for holidays and birthdays. Everytime I look at them, it's as if I'm transported back to the days when the whole family was alive and we celebrated birthdays together, usually with a trip to Bill Knapp's for a meal and a free, delicious chocolate birthday cake. I still remember those days.

And I still send cards; I love sending them and decorating them with colorful stamps or rubber stamps complimented by "sayings" I made up.

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