I’m in Illinois and I emailed the Department of Health if they knew of ANY kind of talk about lifting some restrictions after vaccinations. They emailed me back! The CDC should be posting new guidelines in the next few weeks for those who have been vaccinated. Hopefully they will announce some restrictions will be lifted and we can visit our loved ones, take them out to lunch, or for an afternoon drive. Doesn’t that sound so nice. I pray it’s just around the corner because it wears on me everyday to explain to my mom that we can’t do anything together until we’re all vaccinated. It breaks my heart. I hope March brings a freshness of hope to us all. I go back and forth all the time of why my mom is better off in MC, how hard it was when she lived with us, and I can’t win either way...bringing her back to my house or leaving her in MC. If restrictions start to lift then it will bring such joy!

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As someone who has multiple autoimmune issues, this brings me both joy and concern.

As I am 57, it will be awhile till I can get vaccinated.

I am concerned that people who are in the “could be vaccinated” groups may let their guards down and start ripping off their masks, just because other people in their age group have gotten vaccinated, and assume there is herd immunity, or have quit caring.

I have no choice but to breathe in other people’s air. I can mask, and double mask, even. But that is not the purpose of a mask. It is to protect other people. Those who disagree in effectiveness of masks are free to call their surgeons right now, and tell them to skip their mask for the caller’s next surgery.

Anyway, that is my concern. I am joyful for those of you who may be getting to see their Loved Ones in the first time in more than a year.

marcykong, I hope everything works out smoothly, and yes it would be such a joy :)

It has been so confusing about the lifting of restrictions that some areas of the States are doing.... yet there is talk all over the news about the covid variance that is suppose to be more harmful then the current one. Yet, inside eating at restaurants and opening up schools are on the list to be opened.

I try to keep in mind that many months ago we were told that shots wouldn't be available until summer, and now there seems to be a panic to get in line for a shot.

I couldn't imagine not being able to see a love one who is living in a senior complex for a whole year. Hope this can happen sooner or later.

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