I mean, elder abuse is like spousal abuse. Someone has to be abused to the point where they are hospitalized. Why?

My father lost his wife and my mom almost 19 years ago. They were married for 49 years. I moved into a mobile home park with my Dad with-in a year. We got along well so why not. We both worked in the same trade and made good money. It wasn't long before I got married and I moved with my wife, right around the corner. I still saw a lot of my Dad when he was around. He loved to leave with his trailer and stay at different campsites. He said it wasn't the same, people didn't treat him the same, and he said it was because he was single. He desperately wanted to be married again and asked several ladies in the park for their hands. He was turned down by all, most were a lot younger, then he met Connie. They were the same age and made a good couple. She lived in a mobile home park herself, in another city however. Of course my dad asked for her hand, but because she would lose her 2 pensions from previous relationships she declined. They went camping together and were a team for 10 years before she was diagnosed with dementia. Well after dealing with my mom's cancer, he decided he couldn't deal with taking care of someone again and gradually put her out of his life. It was during that short time that he met his soon to be Wife of 6 years. This Lady, who was in her mid 60's at the time, cleaned homes in the park. She used to accompany my Dad when my dad would visit Connie. I thought this behavior odd & rude, Connie's daughters thought the same and put a stop to these visit's. Soon the cleanings of my Dad's house became day to day and just like that they got married. Her in her 60's him 83. I used to walk into my Dad's house thinking nothing about it. One day I walked in and some man with a briefcase was leaving and they both looked at me in a way that I knew I wouldn't just be walking in anymore. He started telling me that he had to make her P.O.A. because, if something happened to him while camping, instead of putting us boy's out, I have 2 brothers, whereas we would have to have his body brought back. She would have the power to send it back. Well, not knowing what a POA was, this sounded OK. I just found it odd that Connie never requested to be POA. I was my dad's executor to his Will and Trust. He showed me where he kept them and told me I should read & understand them. So, like I had before, while they were camping I looked at them. Imagine my surprise when I saw that her and her kids were now on the Will and she was made a Trustee. I phoned my Dad to ask him when they planned on telling me about the changes and he replied why were you looking at them? When they got home the locks were changed, they used to ask me to put their mail away and watch their house. My dad also told my younger brother he was now executor. I already noticed a difference in my dad and his wife was already finishing his sentences for him. I never saw much of my Dad after that until they came over so I could sign the deed to my dad's house back over to him. It was to be mine after he passed. Not one to need his monetary items I did. It was again at that time where he explained to me that he married to have someone look after him when he got older, that's why he say's. I want someone there to take care of me. She had her mother's home and they were going to sell it and put that money in the trust. At the time he was getting checks from Asbestosis and they traveled a lot. 3 years ago he was diagnosed with Alz's or Dementia, she say's Alz's the Hospital say's Dem. They don't travel anymore and he's getting worse. He walk's with a shuffle and takes his dog with him. She can be seen walking with him for a couple of day's, right after a fall. I was pretty naive about his disease and elder abuse then. One day I talked to my Dad about why he disowned me and quit coming by. He told me it was her. He went home and soon the police were at my house telling me, yelling at my Dad was elder abuse. And I guess it would be if I was yelling. My Dad came over to my house saying he wanted a divorce, he asked for a ride and to set it up. I asked why and he said she hits hard. That's when I phoned elder abuse. They asked if there were marks. I said no & they said they could go talk to them, but it would maybe make it worse for him. So I hung up. So the day we were to go to the Lawyer, she took him all day. This happened twice, so I guess she questions him. I'm running out of words, so, real short. Since then and after many falls and her attacking my wife when she went to look in on my Dad, he has fallen and broken his hip, he's now 89 and delirious. She's made it where all communications go through her. She said he was going to a nursing home one place, but he actually went somewhere else. I went to see him after finally finding where he was through a floor manager. She showed up and said, they weren't supposed to tell you. I didn't know a POA could keep my father from his son's. I've never met her family and she doesn't have an income. Help

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