times and all my husband can say is "if you would stop crossing your feet, maybe you wouldn't fall."
It's so important for people with any handicap to have people around that try to understand.

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Dearest Katie, I am not only a Parkinson's patient, but the patient rep for a support group. Most of the time spouses attend, mine did not at first until I asked him to at least attend our picnic in the summer and the Christmas party. I left some literature about PD where he could see it. When the time was best and he would listen (in the car is best-he can't get away) I would tell him that I was sorry if I embarassed him-I can't help freezing, falling or shaking. Now he will help with pouring or support me during times where I am needing to lean. Give him a little time. In the meantime you can help clear pathways in the house, get rid of throw rugs that you may slip on, find something that you can do when your meds are 'on' that makes you feel good about yourself. You can write me anytime if you need. Blessings to you.

Maybe your husband would benefit from attending a support group so he can educate himself and understand why you are falling?
Maybe a support group would help you too, to get the support your husband isn't currently providing to you.

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